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Liana Lowenstein's Eblast
June, 2012


In this issue...
  • Special edition
  • Articles added to my website
  • Featured technique
  • YouTube video
  • Podcast
  • Discount offer of the month
  • Upcoming workshops
  • Free eBook
  • Get useful tips and ideas
  • Call for submissions
  • Pass it on

Special edition

Please note there will be no eblast in July and August so enjoy this special edition with more articles and two discount offers! Stay tuned for the September eblast going out on September 19, 2012. Have a wonderful summer!

Articles added to my website

Read the latest articles added to my web site:

A Playful Approach to Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders by Robert Jason Grant
Explaining Medication to Children by Gary Yorke
How to Help Children when a Family Member has a Life Threatening Illness by Liana Lowenstein and Brianne Thompson

How to Help Grieving Children by Fran King

Featured Technique

Add to your repertoire of creative therapeutic interventions. Check out this month’s featured technique on my website: Gratitude Calendar by Liana Lowenstein.

YouTube video

Don’t Flip Your Lid is an anger management technique for use with children and teens. Watch this technique come alive on YouTube.

I welcome your feedback on this technique as well as your ideas for helping children express their anger in healthy ways, so please post your comments on my YouTube channel. Subscribe to my channel and get announcements on the latest activity.


Listen to my Podcast on Helping Children Cope with Loss. To listen now click here

Discount offer of the month #1

Get 25% off all of my books until July 6, 2012. To buy books now click here.

Discount offer of the month #2

Dealing With Feelings Card Game is Feelings Factory's original card game and best-selling product. It provides a fun-filled and non-threatening means of communicating feelings. Eighteen different emotions are illustrated, such as Happy, Sad, Angry, Proud, Frightened, Safe, Ashamed, Embarrassed, etc. Used with individuals, families, and groups, this versatile game makes feelings more visible and accessible - from youngsters to adults; for fun or as a counseling tool. The game comes with a booklet of recreational, therapeutic, and educational games.

Enter DWF15 at checkout for 15% of any product (card game, book, workbook or poster) that has "Dealing With Feelings" in the title. This offer is good until the end of 2012.

Feelings Factory provides therapeutic products and programs to mental health professionals, counselors, teachers, and parents for developing and promoting coping skills. Our colorful products are designed to promote communication skills as an inviting and effective way to reach children. Visit us at and on Facebook:

This is an exclusive offer only available to recipients of Liana’s newsletter!

Upcoming workshops

June 21, 2012: Indianapolis, Indiana
Topic: Assessment and Treatment Planning
Further info:

June 22, 2012: Indianapolis, Indiana
Topic: Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children and Children of Divorce
Further info: Indiana Association for Play Therapy:

July 25, 2012: Toronto, Ontario
Topic: Assessment and Treatment Planning
Further info: Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy:

September 21, 2012: Salt Lake City, Utah
Topic: Creative Interventions for Children and Families Coping with Loss
Further info: Utah Association for Play Therapy:

September 22, 2012: Salt Lake City, Utah
Topic: Creative Interventions for Sexually Abused and Traumatized Children
Further info: Utah Association for Play Therapy:

October 11, 2012: Orillia, Ontario
Topic: Helping Bereaved Children Resolve Their Grief
Further info: Bereavement Ontario Network:

October 26, 2012: Bozeman, Montana
Topic: Creative Assessment and Treatment Interventions for Children and Families
Further info: Montana Association of Social Workers:

October 27, 2012: Bozeman, Montana
Topic: Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children and Children of Divorce
Further info: Montana Association of Social Workers:

A complete list of my upcoming speaking events is posted on my website.

***To book a training for your agency or organization please contact me:

Free eBook

Favorite Therapeutic Activities for Children, Adolescents, and Families: Practitioners Share Their Most Effective Interventions is a creative collection of assessment and treatment techniques developed by some of my colleagues. You can download this eBook at no charge by clicking here.

Get useful tips and ideas

Read the latest information on upcoming events, get industry news and resources, and network with other mental health professionals. Follow me on twitter, join my facebook page, and connect with me on LinkedIN:

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Call for submissions

Share your original ideas with thousands of mental health professionals. I am looking for articles and therapeutic techniques to publish on my website. Send me an email with your ideas:

Pass it on

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All names and email addresses are kept confidential. They are not shared with anyone.

Copyright 2012 by Liana Lowenstein


Liana Lowenstein, MSW

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