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Liana Lowenstein's Eblast
December, 2011


In this issue...
  • Thanks to all book reviewers
  • Articles added to my website
  • Featured technique
  • Discount offer of the month
  • Clinical supervision and consultation
  • Workshops in South Africa
  • Upcoming workshops
  • Free eBook
  • Get useful tips and ideas
  • Call for submissions
  • Pass it on

Thanks to all book reviewers

Thanks to those who posted reviews of my books on amazon. I appreciate your kind words and support of my publications. If you posted a review of one of my books between September 21-October 5, 2011 and you did not receive your $20 amazon gift card, please send an email to (under subject: Amazon Book Review) with the following information: (1) Your full name; (2) Your screen name (The name you used when you wrote the review); (3) The title of my book that you reviewed; (4) The date the review was posted; (5) The title of your listmania; (6) Your mailing address. Please send this information by December 23, 2011.   

Articles added to my website

Read the latest articles added to my web site:

How to Help My Child with ADHD by Dr. Gary G. Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis

Creative Interventions to Assess Children and Families by Liana Lowenstein

Featured Technique

Add to your repertoire of creative therapeutic interventions. Check out this month’s featured technique on my website: Princess Light and the Silver Dolphin by Susan Perrow.

Discount offer of the month

Meebie is a purple stuffed toy with 37 embroidered facial pieces.  The pieces are interchangeable on Meebie’s surface, affording children and adults the ability to express emotion, identify affect, develop empathy and enhance social skills.  Meebie is 21 inches from head to seat, is soft, comforting and pillow like.

For the month of December, readers of this eblast receive a 10% discount.  To receive the discount, email, or call 651-238-1832 and mention the eblast.

View and read more about Meebie at

This is an exclusive offer only available to recipients of Liana’s newsletter!

Clinical supervision and consultation

Are you looking for guidance on your toughest cases? I provide clinical supervision and consultation in person, by phone or by skype. For further information on rates and availability send an email under subject “supervision” to:

Workshops in South Africa

Don’t miss my training in Gauteng, January 10-13, 2012:

Day 1: Creative Interventions for Troubled Children and Families
Day 2: Creative Interventions for Sexually Abused and Traumatized Children
Day 3: Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children and Children of Divorce
Day 4: Creative Family Therapy Techniques

Big savings if you register by September 22, 2011. Sign-up for one day or get a discount if you register for two or more days. Free accommodation can be arranged for those traveling from afar such as Cape Town. For further info or to register go to: or email:

Get a special gift if you help to promote the training to your colleagues. For further details, send email (under subject: South Africa Training):

Upcoming workshops

January 26, 2012: San Diego, California
“Creative Interventions for Sexually Traumatized Children”
Further info:

March 22-23, 2012: Raleigh, North Carolina
“Creative Interventions for Children and Families”
Further info:

March 30, 2012: Hamilton, Ontario
“Creative Techniques for Assessing Children and Families”
Further info email: mckeanh@HHSC.CA

May 23, 2012: London, Ontario
“Assessment and Treatment Planning”
Further info: Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy:
June 12, 2012: London, Ontario
“Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children and Children of Divorce”
Further info: Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy:

June 15, 2012: Nashville, Tennessee
Topic: TBA
Further info:

June 21, 2012: Indianapolis, Indiana
“Assessment and Treatment Planning”
Further info:

June 22, 2012: Indianapolis, Indiana
“Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children and Children of Divorce”
Further info:

July 25, 2012: Toronto, Ontario
“Assessment and Treatment Planning”
Further info: Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy:

A complete list of my upcoming speaking events is posted on my website.

***To book a training for your agency or organization please contact me:

Free eBook

Favorite Therapeutic Activities for Children, Adolescents, and Families: Practitioners Share Their Most Effective Interventions is a creative collection of assessment and treatment techniques developed by some of my colleagues. You can download this eBook at no charge by clicking here.

Get useful tips and ideas

Read the latest information on upcoming events, get industry news and resources, and network with other mental health professionals. Follow me on twitter, join my facebook page, and connect with me on LinkedIN:

Facebook: (click the “like” button)



Call for submissions

Share your original ideas with thousands of mental health professionals. I am looking for articles and therapeutic techniques to publish on my website. Send me an email with your ideas:

Pass it on

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All names and email addresses are kept confidential. They are not shared with anyone.

Copyright 2011 by Liana Lowenstein


Liana Lowenstein, MSW
2901 Bayview Avenue, PO Box 91012, Toronto, ON M5M 1V5 Canada
416-575-7836; Email:

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